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Are you getting BioGel Overlays every month? You Won't Believe Your Bill After This!

In the beginning of 2024 we ran facebook ads for our salon membership and one of the comments left on our ad stated

“Has girl math fogged your millennial brains?”

And it hit us, we need to do a better job explaining who membership is for because it is not for everyone.

So who is it for?

Our membership is perfect for a girl like Maya

The thing about Maya's nails are they're weak.

After being recommended to switch over to a BioGel Overlay sometime ago, her nails are finally becoming stronger

That's why Maya gets a BioGel Overlay every month..along side a Gel Pedi

Her bill totals to $105/month.

Over the course of a year, Maya will spend $1260 getting her nails done.


She claims her 6ixTips Tier 2 Membership..

With it her bill for a BioGel Overlay + Gel Pedi is slashed to $52/month!

Over the course of a year she’ll bring her bill down to $794 (including the price of Membership)

Saving $466

Now just for fun..

Lets say Maya takes that $466 and puts it in a jar and labels that jar..

“Nail Money for $2025”

The $466 in that jar would be enough to cover SEVEN months worth of nail appointments in 2025.


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