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Triple your nail game with Nail Art and Premium Upgraded Pedicures and spend $30 less than you’re spending now!

Imagine taking your nails from this..


To this..


By spending roughly half of what you’d spend for just a Gel Manicure any where else in Downtown Toronto.

Introducing the 6ixTips Membership, the only Nail Salon hack in all of Toronto designed to keep your Nail bill under $30

With your 6ixTips Membership, you unlock MembersOnly Pricing..

Meaning all your nail services (including Gel Mani with Nail Art & Premium Upgraded Pedicures) are reduced to $26, saving regular salon goers over $30/month

So nails like these are only $26

What kind of Nail Art is included?

French Tips

French Tips

Dual Accents

Dual Accents



Frequently Asked Questions

How exactly does Membership work?

It works the same way as Costco. You pay a membership fee giving you access to MembersOnly pricing.

Which Tier do I need for Nail Art?

You need to purchase the Tier 2 ($85/6 months) in order to qualify for MembersOnly pricing that includes Nail Art.

How long does Membership last?

6 months, meaning you pay once every 6 months.

& 7 months if you join or refer a friend.. for you and her/him.

Is there a limit to how many manicures & pedicures I can get?

Yes, each member is allowed 1 manicure and 1 pedicure every 3 & half weeks.

What happens once I purchase a Membership online?

We will contact you to confirm your identification and contact info and book your first appointment.

Are there any hidden fees or cost for removal?

There are no hidden fees, what you see is what you get. As far as removal goes, so long as you got your nails done at 6ixTips, we won't charge for removal.

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