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Summer Pedicure Promo

This summer, 6ix Tips is here to take care of your feet and save you at least $20.

Choose from 1 of 4 Summer Pedicures Promos perfect for you 


1) For those living an active lifestyle or looking to move better on their feet 

What if we told you, the pedicures you've been getting all your life, have only been doing half the job?….How is that possible? Because they only work on your feet from the outside. Discover how life changing pedicures become when you leverage heat.


2) If you regularly get pedicures and want smoother and supple feet

Gel Pedicure + Spa Upgrade + Mini Paraffin Wax Treatment: $50 (Save $25)

Feel dead skin cells slide off like soap under running water & pores open allowing for toxins and dirt to easily be released and removed. Trap moisture in your the deepest layers of your skin for a hydration that lasts.

Add an extra boost with a Spa Upgrade (normally $15 extra) & Mini Paraffin Wax Treatment (normally $10 extra) completely free. 

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3) Save $5 on Gel Pedicures, Add extra massage

Gel Pedicure + 5 minute massage: $45 (Save $10)

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4) If you have heavy calluses, rough feet, corns or haven’t gotten a pedicure in 10 months or more

The rougher the feet, the more experience and specific products you need used in your pedicure. At 6ix Tips, we specialize in these extra situations and are well prepped for the problem. Discover just how much of a transformation one-two pedicures can do.



Summer of Pedicures

Couple's Pedicure Package


Bestie's Pedi Package