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Have your nails turned brittle, and/or weakened by:

- Back to back Acrylics or Gel Manicures

- Peeling Gel Polish off your nails (terrible habit btw!) 

- Press-ons gone wrong (its the god damn glue!) 

- Constant exposure to water &/or harsh chemicals

- Genetics 

When all other nail strengthening treatments have failed, we are here to say, you can do A LOT more than just "let your nails breathe."

By giving your nails the correct nourishment, you can speed up your nails getting back to her healthy self all while rocking a stunning Gel Manicure! 

Beyond any nail strengthening treatment even most frequent salon goers and those with access to google have ever heard of. We apply a professional salon-only 3 step system. 

And unlike most nail strengthening treatments which require application almost daily, this award winning system, once applied, continues to nurse your nail's health for 3 weeks without an ounce of extra effort on your end. 

Our Heal-the-Brittle manicure is made up of unique ingredients and oils that is directly applied to your nail bed to:

a) Help strengthen your nails by strengthening its Keratin structure (a must for every revitalizing treatment) using B Vitamins, Iron and Calcium 

b) Moisturize & Soothe sensitivity, inflammation &/or irritation in & all around the nails + stimulate blood circulation using Rose Mary Extract 

c) Shield it against further damage & help fight off infections + promote the growth of healthy nails using a Bio-Gel Overlay (a potent gel that has the ingredients to rejuvenate, moisturize and nurse the cells in your nail beds & shield it against splits and breakages


Time Duration: 1 Hr + 15 Min

Plan Contains: 

Heal-the-Brittle Manicure + Gel Polish 


50% off Eyebrow Clean Up (optional) 

How do i book my appointment?

To book your appointment. You can either do so via 1 of 4 options:

1) Purchase a package online and we will contact you

2) Book Online

3) Call: 416-868-6245

4) Message us via FB messenger or IG Dms

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