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Move Better Pedicure

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Move Better Pedicure

The only Pedicure that combines the effort of an experienced technician and natural healing from Mother Nature. 

Pedicures done at Nail Salons, no matter how expensive the salon or how experienced your technician, only work on your feet from the OUTSIDE

But if you care about mobility & comfort or have flat feet or stand on your feet all day, or wear uncomfortable shoes. 

That is like full price for a pedicure doing half the job


  • Moving quicker, lighter with enhanced stability 
  • Reduced pain/swelling/stiffness/discomfort 
  • Increased joint mobility 
  • Moisture trapped in your skin for smoother, softer and supple feet

Then you need to just as much care on your muscles, joints and ligaments as pedicures put on removing dead skin.

Thats why we stole a little something from Physical Therapists and added it onto your pedicure. Heat Therapy

The minute you apply Heat Therapy, you no longer solely rely on the effort of humans, you rely on what naturally occurs inside your body when it is enveloped in heat and emollient properties.

And nothing can match its power to rejuvenate skin, ease muscle & ligament tension and flush toxins from joints

Introducing: Pedicure + Heat Therapy

All the benefits of a pedicure + a 15 minute Heat Therapy Session. 

The pedicure made for dancers and athletes, is now your secret advantage

Move better, move lighter, move the way you did when you were younger. 

With our Summer Pedicure Promo, add the magic of a Heat Therapy Session upgrade (normally $20 extra) to your pedicure for FREE when you book a Regular or Gel Pedi..only @ 6ix Tips Nails

How do i book my appointment?

To book your appointment. You can either do so via 1 of 4 options:

1) Purchase a package online and we will contact you

2) Book Online

3) Call: 416-868-6245

4) Message us via FB messenger or IG Dms

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