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French Tip Promo

$55.00 $50.00
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French Tip Promo

Theres a better way to do French Tips 

French Tips have been around since the 1970s..and too many women are still doing them the same way since..and lets be honest.. at times it can feel a bit..overdone 😔

The problem isn't French Tips themselves or the colours you might choose, but the type of nail polish or type of base coat used.

If you use the same type of nail polish for both the base and tips, such as this:

Then your manicure, at best will scream safe. 

BUT...apply different materials between the base and the tips, you're left with a manicure plus a touch of sophistication.

As such:

Matte Base + Glossy Tips

Multi-Colour Matte Base + Glossy Tips

Matte Base + Chrome Tips

Sparkle Base + Matte Tips

Glossy Base + Cat Eye Tips

Our Summer French Tips Promo,

Add French Tips to your Gel Mani  (normally $15 extra) for $10, save $5


Add French Tips with Chrome (normally $25) extra for $10, Save $15

only @ 6ix Tips Nails 

$55.00 $50.00
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