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Rough Feet Pedicure (for feet with heavy calluses and corns)

$85.00 $60.00
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Rough Feet Pedicure (for feet with heavy calluses and corns)

We once had a client, and we still do, who had a decade working in construction.

After her years of dirt, dust & construction materials falling into her steel toe boots…her feet were in very poor condition

When she removed her shoes and socks, we could tell she felt insecure. 

We assured her, this is a safe space and if she gave us an hour and half, we would transform her feet and her self confidence too! 

Take a look at what we did, after just TWO pedicures

This is from another client with heavy a corn & callus 

Take a look at what we did after just 1 pedicure

The transformation is not just on the outside…

They're lighter on her feet, every step is that much more stable & comfortable and a lot less painful  

Now your feet may not be in the same condition as hers, or perhaps it’s worse.

The only thing that matters is, the return of your self confidence and healthy feet. 

But you can’t just take your feet to any salon nor will just any pedicure do the job

You need 3 things:



And the right products (especially so depending on the feet) 

We have helped countless men and women transform their feet and begin the journey of better self care. 

What starts as 1 pedicure turns into a self improving habit and from what we’ve seen from our clients, leads to more of beauty, comfort and longevity.  

This Summer

Transform your feet with our ROUGH FEET PEDICURE (with regular polish or no polish), normally $85

But with our Summer Promo, save $25 and get it done for $60

$85.00 $60.00
How do i book my appointment?

To book your appointment. You can either do so via 1 of 4 options:

1) Purchase a package online and we will contact you

2) Book Online

3) Call: 416-868-6245

4) Message us via FB messenger or IG Dms

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