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How to do French Tips in 2023


That’s how long French tips have been around…its a freaking classic! 

BUTTTTT… we’re here to tell you… you’re doing them wrong! 

“Doing them wrong” you say?? on earth…

Simple! You’re doing them the same f****** way they’ve been done since NINETEEN SEVENTY FIVE..

Luckily, the fix is as easy as pouring a shot. And the end result is a manicure that looks twice as expensive as it costs. 

The reason why can French Tips feel a tad washed out is because both the tips and base use the same type of polish or top coat. 

Matter a fact, a general rule of thumb if you want a Pinterest worthy manicure, you’re set NEEDS some variation of material. 

We’re not tryna bring this back:

It’s the exact same thing with Nails. 

Take a look at the difference between the way French Tips have always been done using glossy polish for a base and glossy polish for the tips

And NOW.. by simply mixing a matte base with glossy tips:

voilà…a 1000 people just pinned your nails on their vision board. 

Applying material completely changes the mood of your manicure in a BIG way and when you factor colour into the equation, there are 9093843 different combinations. 

We would like to say however, there are a few combinations which we like to call.. the new generation of a classic: 

Nude Base + Chrome Gold Tips


Matte base + Chrome Silver Tips

Cat Eye Base + Glossy Tips 

Glossy Base + Cate Eye Tips

Syrup Base + Chrome Dripping Tips


Here comes the best part…At 6ixTips we’re sick of people emptying their purse for Nail Art. That’s why we have a range of Mani-Pedi packages that include Nail Art. 

So the next time you decide to go with French Tips, check out our French w/ A Twist package ($75) which includes:

Gel Mani + French Tips (w/ no extra charge for Chrome or Glitter)

Regular Pedi 


50% off Eyebrow Cleanup (optional)

Spring of Pedicures

Couple's Pedicure Package


Bestie's Pedi Package


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