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Revitalize & Grow

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Revitalize & Grow


So many people..salons..products..claim they can help you grow stunningly long and healthy nails & protect them from snapping or splitting. 

But not everyone has the correct ingredients and application to make it happen.

Introducing the only 3 step professional nail empowerment system designed to strengthen AND add flexibility to growing nails by giving it the nourishment it needs, directly applied onto your nail bed & sealed with a shielding gel to protect it against splits and breakages. 

Unlike most nail strengthening treatments which require application almost daily, this award winning system, once applied, continues to boost your nail growth for 3 weeks, all without an ounce of extra effort on your end

And all while still rocking a stunning Gel Manicure.

Our Revitalize & Grow Package: 

a) Helps strengthen your nails by strengthening its Keratin structure (a must for every revitalizing treatment) using B Vitamins.

b) Add flexibility and prevent splits in your nails nails using Pistachio Oil & Volcanic Stone Extract

c) Shield it against further damage & help fight off infections + promote the growth of healthy nails using a Bio-Gel Overlay (a potent gel that has the ingredients to rejuvenate, moisturize and nurse the cells in your nail beds & shield it against splits and breakages


Time Duration: 1 Hr + 15 Min

Plan Contains: 

Revitalize & Grow Manicure + Gel Polish 


50% off Eyebrow Clean Up (optional) 

This manicure is exclusively for women whom already have healthy/normal nails and are currently looking to grow and maintain long natural without breakage or splits. If your current nails are weak or damaged, see our Heal-the-Brittle Manicure or if you have ridges in your nails & looking for a nail strengthening treatment, see our Fill-the-Ridges Manicure

How do i book my appointment?

To book your appointment. You can either do so via 1 of 4 options:

1) Purchase a package online and we will contact you

2) Book Online

3) Call: 416-868-6245

4) Message us via FB messenger or IG Dms

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